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Article provided by: Boone's Restoration Technologies

Textile Cleaning Houston Tx

Textile Cleaning Houston Tx

The Roman empire developed a tradition of employing professional cleaners to clean garments. These cleaners would use cleaning agents like ammonia and lye. They also combine them with clay to absorb grease and soils from delicate clothes.

Progressed cleaning methods adapted dry cleaning formulas to extend the life of the textile. The powder was a useful resource for removing stubborn content. They also used light brushing or rolling as a replacement for soil and harsh chemicals like ammonia. 

Modern cleaning centers on the discovery of petroleum-based fluids to remove grease. Our services of textile cleaning in Houston TX utilize various advanced methods that protect the softest fabrics. Do not attempt to hand-wash or machine-wash an item that has a high-risk value.

Popular current methods of textile cleaning

Wet washing

The most popular method of cleaning is by using water and detergents. It is a popular method for everyday textiles like clothes. Historic textiles like carpets should not undergo the same process as laundry. This case is because water can be extremely damaging to the construction and fabric. It will cause shrinkage to cotton and linen, which would require a controlled heat amount for revival. 

Boone’s Restoration is keen to ensure that you do not damage textiles like the prized possessions of your business. We will revitalize your pieces with the accumulated knowledge of long-term textile cleaning in Houston TX. These include:

  • Blotting excess water
  • Circulating an adequate amount of air through the wet fabric to dry it and prevent a staleness
  • Using chemicals that interact well with the textile 


The safest way of removing light dirt and dust is by using a high-quality vacuum. Blower machines usually drive the dirt into deeper levels of the textile. Strong suctions will destabilize the area with loose fabric and cause continual damage, which will weaken the entire item. 

Our cleaning staff will use vacuuming techniques that hold the mesh and embroidery in place. Keeping the nozzle at a certain degree will prevent scuffing and reduce pressure. A soft brush will lift dirt from the crevices and enhance fast and efficient cleaning.

Dry cleaning

This traditional method is preferable for delicate fabrics, like wool and silk. The difference with the older methods is that the commercialized formulas use fixed time cycles and solvents that clean all contaminants with ease. 

The wrong dry cleaning method will leave a grey deposition that will be difficult to clean. The fixed cycle stops the machine from causing a run of the dye. A complete cleaning cycle will drain the excess chemicals and speed evaporation to keep the textile’s integrity.

The problem with most cleaning methods is that there will be a deposition of dirt or chemicals after drying. Our firm has experience with working various cleaning projects. Our other services cover cleaning requirements like possible permanent damage to textiles after environmental damage. 

The historical overview of textile cleaning shows that using a professional’s services will not destabilize your business’ ROI. Call our office today for specifications of your cleaning requirements.

Textile Cleaning Houston Tx
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